Health Care Stories from Around South Carolina
Learn what Medicaid recipients and individuals in the coverage gap have to say about their health care challenges.

Michaela's Story

For Michaela, being uninsured meant going without vital mental health services and collecting thousands in medical debt.

Cliff's Story

For Cliff, having no access to insurance has meant he has been unable to return to work.

Michelle's Story

Michelle shares her challenges with obtaining services to address her mental and physical health needs.


“As the owner of a small lawn care company, I know that it is important for my employees to see a doctor when they are ill.  Unfortunately, I am not able to provide health insurance to my workers. So, some of my employees can’t afford to go see a doctor when they should.  It would be great if South Carolina would follow the lead of North Carolina and expand Medicaid.  A third of my employees would qualify for this government health insurance program.  They would be healthier and more productive, which would also help my business.”

— Small business owner in Bennettsville, SC.

“It is very important to small businesses that employees be healthy and on the job.  One of my employees has bronchitis. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to have group health insurance to help her. This employee doesn’t earn enough to buy her own insurance, doesn’t qualify for Medicaid, and her income is to low for the Affordable Care Act subsidies.  So when her bronchitis flares up, she will be out for three days.  She loses income, so does my small business, and the state loses tax money.  The state can and should solve all three of these problems by expanding Medicaid.”

— Owner of a small cleaning business in Columbia, SC

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