About Us

A sunset photo of a family of four. Father and mother holding their daughter's hand in between them and the son is on the father's shoulders with arms wide opening looking at the sunset.

Closing the health insurance gap would cover over 340,000 South Carolinians. Most are workers who make too much to qualify for Medicaid but too little to afford private insurance. More people could access preventative care, reduce emergency room use, improve our state’s health outcomes, and lower health care costs for all.

Affordable healthcare will reduce medical debt and improve financial independence for families. Expanding coverage contributes 29,000 new jobs in South Carolina, bringing employment and healthcare to rural communities.

Cover SC seeks to strengthen the health and economy of our state through affordable, sustainable healthcare coverage.


  • Affordability – Promote the affordability of quality health care
  • Accountability – Ensure that health care is provided efficiently, and empower consumers to manage their health care
  • Accessibility – Improve equitable access to quality care
  • Family financial independence – Reduce medical debt and promote financial independence for South Carolina families
  • The economy – Promote a healthy and growing workforce and to fuel South Carolina’s economy